Arhus - Living in a Cluster


Luigi Valente
Arhus, Denmark
City of Arhus

The project is the opportunity to propose a new type of landscape that comes from the union between organic shapes and more rigid structures, evocative of the soft countryside, but also technical and high performance.
The surface area of the square/park is, at the same time, a cover for the spaces built and which unfold below. It is a perfectly flat surface, an extreme artifice that presents itself, therefore, as a new type of landscape.
Geometrically shaped patios are obtained from removal operations, which, other than bringing light to the lower level, organise the outdoor spaces and the landscape.
Public and private spaces, which although are closely connected are always parallel without ever touching one another, become the emblem of architecture that shapes the landscape and, simultaneously, of landscape which mixes with architecture.
A design that is also discreet and that can establish a methodical principle for the planning of the building on an adjacent lot. This is, in our opinion, the best way to guarantee the respect and valorisation of the orological trend of the countryside.
With the necessity, therefore, to take on the project satisfying the criteria of maximum respect and valorisation of the landscape, the square becomes an element of mediation and a filter between the pre-existing urbanisation and the new dwellings designed.
This operation, which foresees the realisation of the public space at an underground level, also allowed to obtain, respecting the quantity of surface to allocate to the various functions, more utilisable land for the square upon which the dwellings are to be developed.

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