Campus 2015 / Aalto University


University Campus
Luigi Valente
Design Team:
Cristian Farinella, Lorena Greco
Espoo, Finland
Aalto University

The project of Otaniemi new central campus set itself the target of developing a structure that, even in respect of the history of the places and the already existing buildings, places itself in the urban landscape with an own contemporary identity. Being contemporary, new spaces are flexible and allow the continuous exchange among the different matters comparable among them as the art, the architecture, the media and the design. Closed and opened spaces, allow the students to meet also in rest moments and during the outdoor walks to the class.

Urban Planning
The choice of volumes and their placing in the built up area, gave to the Square theme, focal in the project, the highest importance. The Square is all along a space where you can meet, have a break or simply go through. That’s why the planning considered a formal grid which permit the introduction of green areas, rest units and pedestrian paths.

A large green area underlines the bicycle parking. Inside this area have been positioned all the parking facilities. Showers, locker rooms, a bicycle rental and a bicycle parts shop. Starting from this wooded area we’ll find an important bicycle lane that crossing all the area comes up to the infrastructural junctions present, first above of all the Metro. Every building is related with the outdoors by a relevant permeability. A series of paths across the suspended volumes of buildings allows to go through the whole campus. These paths covered with volumes represent a rest area and a shelter from rain.

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