Convent + Neviera renovation


Neviera + Convent
Luigi Valente, Giancarlo Mercolino, Adelina Matteo
Design Team:
Cristian Farinella, Lorena Greco
Rotello Italy
Angiolina Benevento

The peculiar position of the Casino Benevento (located on the S. Leonardo hill) and its architectural configuration, immediately show that it is an articulated and ancient complex.
It has been modified during the past centuries, until it got its final shape in the 1900'.
The main building's renovation project has the goal of transforming it into a Bed & Breakfast. The ground floor will be used as a reception point, while the upper floor will host the rooms.
The Neviera is located in the wood, close to the main building. It was used as an ice container. It is shaped like a cylinder and it is 14 meters high (1/5 is above the ground level).
The Neviera is accessible through a path that follows the ground conformation, and it has now been transformed into a cellar for wine conservation, exhibition and tasting processes.
A steel structure has been added in order to divide it into three different stories.
Each story will be accessible through a staircase which has a different shape at each level. This makes the space dynamic and fluid.
The entire outside structure will be covered by corten steel that will match the brick walls.
Wine stands are located along the Neviera walls and will alternate with wine tasting areas.

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