Di Dario-Capaldi Appartament


Luigi Valente
Design Team:
Cristian Farinella, Lorena Greco
Venafro, Italy
Francesco Di Dario, Anna Capaldi

The one level 230 square meters apartment is located into a big residential complex. From the entrance, one gets into the day area: a unique big space that includes the kitchen volume, the dining area and the living room. Bathroom, launderer space, and kitchen's back space are accessible from the day area. A corridor brings into the night area, where a big family wardrobe is located. The guest bathroom, the guest bedroom, the office space, the kids' bedroom and the master bedroom are placed around the wardrobe path.
The last room is positioned in order to both ensure a good privacy and be close to the kids' bedroom. The master bedroom is separated from the bathroom and the walk-in closet through big sliding doors. This allows a better use of the space.

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