New Life - Dietikon


Luigi Valente
Dietikon, Switzerland
City of Dietikon

The master plan proposes to give “New Life” to the new urbanisation of Dietikon A vast master plan divided into three areas, that although live their independence, interact with them at the same time creating an integrated urban system.
Divided into three big areas, W3 and WG4 being residential and a big park, the master plan of Dietikon wants to set the basis for modern urbanisation that can be a prototype for the expansion of the territory.
The presence of the river that divides the area into two large geographic areas is important for the territory. The streetcar line is just as important, given that it artificially carries out the same function as the river. Artificial is natural, becomes the guideline of the territory that start from the curves generated by the same, designing a new oleograph, keeping a series of curves that delimit a series of geometric spaces up to the urban park.
W3 is an urban block in which the innovative architectonic aspect permits the use of a territory based on a modern and integrated vision, re-designing the space with a modular system that that by coming together in different groups of units create a new territorial line. The parking spaces are underground in order to leave the urban area free of traffic, hence, giving a social life dedicated to well being back to the territory. Open spaces and pedestrian routes are the new way of living.
WG3, although having the same scopes as W3, has a greater residential density and another level of development that transforms the ground level into a series of commercial complexes that allow residents to increase their independence. Even in this case, the parking is underground with systems to come up. A total exploitation of the residential and commercial area shall also be possible that no longer will be merely a place to stop but a welcoming point.
The park with its large extensions permit the interaction of the territory with various elements, aimed at valorising a healthy and ecological life. Artificial water mirrors, game parks for sports activities, pedestrian and cycle routes, restaurants, greenhouses for biological cultivation and mini wind turbine poles, are a part of the structure that permit the use of the park, transforming it into a true centre of social interest.

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