Re-park / Romainmotier


Luigi Valente
Design Team:
Cristian Farinella, Lorena Greco, Anna Luzi
Romainmôtier, Switzerland
City of Romainmôtier

The connection of Envy and Croy accomplished by creating a new ecological public transport network, strengthening the role of Croy station as an intermodal mobility node, and constructing a new interchange parking area
Croy stands at the intersection of the public transport network system serving the Nozon Valley: the railway station that connects Lausanne and Vallorbe and the regional bus lines. Because of its strategic location, the Croy station becomes a strategic element in the process of building and upgrading the entire valley’s landscape. Therefore, the starting point for any subsequent intervention in the area must be the improvement of this infrastructural node, to be realized through the creation of a new ecological transport network linking the regional rail system with the local bus lines and an interchange car park. The new ecological shuttle system will provide a series of bus stops located throughout the valley. In Croy the stops will be close to the car park and its underground access ways, near the new bus station and the railway terminal. In Romainmôtier they will be close to the ancient abbey, and in Envy close to the access points of the camping area. In Croy the underground car park will provide an opportunity to minimize vehicular traffic and create new public spaces: visitors and tourists will be encouraged to leave their private vehicles and explore the valley on foot, by bicycle or by the public ecological shuttle. The new bus station will be located opposite the railway terminal anda new park-and-rent system will bring to life new commercial ventures, bike rental points, spaces for leisure, bars and restaurants.

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